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EDS, we understand the Cloud working in Microsoft Azure, AWS, and the Google Cloud and various other types of cloud vendors. The Cloud could be a whole new world for your company.

In one use case EDS migrated a company from there on-prem data center solution that was costing $75,000.00 a year just for the ISP internet service, this did not include the rental of the data center space and the electricity it was costing to run the servers. The total came to just over $309,000.00 to run their servers and systems for their business in a single data center.

We migrated this company to Microsoft Azure and in year one the cost was just over $90,000.00 to run their whole operation. The mid-size company also had global customers that they supported and used servers to help run the support and had development teams in India.

With the cloud we created a decentralized network using IPSec tunnels utilizing over five different regions data centers increasing the companies support capability and development effort while saving over $200,000.00 the first year.

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