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 EDS was working with a client that had over 200 field agents and a under previsioned server running their business applications consistently causing the employees to submit tickets. For over three months this took place, and the customer was starting to pay a higher-than-normal monthly bill.

Through the ticketing system and RMM agent health reports we where able to educate the customer on what they had, what the issues were, and our solution around the issue.

The customer agreed to the new plan which increased their package with EDS but at the same time was more cost effective then keep letting the company submit tickets that needed to be worked exceeding their monthly budget. Got a new server to run the load and productivity went up and the issues simmered down.

Within two months we were able to generate all the reports and tickets worked to present to the company stakeholders to show that productivity went up, issues decreased, and the customer decided to keep the package. We like to offer solutions that meet budget,  we work to exceed expectations, and make your technology make money for your company instead of being a liability.

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