Attack Surface Reduction and Adaptive Framework Solution

Not all solutions fit all companies, EDS understands this and takes a vCISO approach to all business processes so that the solutions we employee enhances your company's ability to be productive.

We examine what are the best approaches to reduce your attack surface profile weeding out the noise. Our team has adopted the Adaptive Framework Solution paradigm in our IT approach so that our solutions are adaptive to your company's process and not getting in the way of production


Attack Surface Reduction and Adaptive Framework Solution

Employees, business owners and companies that work in a digital world are pounded by virtual ads, things to click on, popups, and unnecessary clutter like SPAM emails. This stuff can take up time during a valuable workday. Not only is it robbing you of productive time and can expose you to threats


We have worked to have relationships with vendor partners who specialize in different methods of vulnerability detection and management so that we can offer enterprise tools and solutions to mom-and-pop shops including home offices to medium size companies.

Business production time is valuable and there is only so much time in a day we do not need to spend time dealing with this unwanted stuff. EDS we can work with you and your team to reduce your exposer help your technology adapt to you and your business, because your technology should be an asset and not a liability.

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Attack Surface Reduction and Adaptive Framework Solution

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