Firewall and Infrastructure Management

Firewalls and network infrastructure gear can sometimes go forgotten, not patched, or updated, and backed up. This can play a role in the network not performing 100% or being restored after an unforeseen event.

In some cases, firewalls and network gear need to meet compliance requirements and standards which can be complicated and sometimes not documented. Eaton Data Solutions can manage these items and provide your company with the documents and reports that ensure the system is running optimally.


Firewall and Infrastructure Management

Eaton Data Solutions has years of experience working with many types of firewalls and network infrastructure reducing the attack surface profile of internet browsing making it safer for employees to do their jobs in a safe computing environment by reducing the amount of adds in the side columns of internet pages you are viewing allowing you to focus on what you are doing.


We have worked to have relationships with vendor partners who specialize in different methods of vulnerability detection and management so that we can offer enterprise tools and solutions to mom-and-pop shops including home offices to medium size companies.

Firewalls are your front line of defense for most business communications and peace of mind even for home office computing these days. It is not surprising anymore to see firewalls at the border of all internet communication and we can configure your firewalls for safety, compliance, and efficiency.

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Firewall and Infrastructure Management

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