Patch and Backup Management

An affective patch management solution is the simplest yet most effective pro-active step you can take in reducing exposure to threats. We schedule all maintenance outside business hours to make sure we do not disrupt your business operations, keeping your employees productive by ensuring their workstation is always ready to go at the start of the day.  

Our Backup Management solutions scale from individual file types or folders to entire endpoints, with the ability to restore lost information in moments through your own management portal.


Patch and Backup Management

Back to the basics, like getting a car tuned up and ready for the road. You need your computer system tuned for the information superhighway. Keeping your system up to date can help prevent ransomware, and other forms of malicious code from executing on your system. We also backup your systems in the case of an unforeseen accident resulting in you losing your data. We got you covered.

Many companies falling victim to ransomware in some cases never recovered and with in a year of the incident are out of business. This is the same for a data loss event, without the proper backup and restore plan a company can be out of business within six months from a data loss event. Don’t let this be your business, EDS is here to save the day!

Here at EDS we work hard to evaluate all system and application patches and updates before we send them to your business insuring your systems get what you need. We also confirm data backups and aligned with your business so that we understand your business-critical servers are always properly backed up.


We have worked to have relationships with vendor partners who specialize in different methods of vulnerability detection and management so that we can offer enterprise tools and solutions to mom-and-pop shops including home offices to medium size companies.

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