Remote Management

The best way to ensure your business runs smoothly is to make sure you always have access to your data. With our remote management software (RMM) we constantly monitor the health of your endpoints and servers.  

We run daily safety checks that keep your software up to date and ensure you always have the latest security and vulnerability patches.  

The best part is we do all this outside business hours to make sure everything is up to date and ready to go when you need it! Keeping your business running smoothly and your employees productive!


Remote Management

Remote management allows EDS to assist clients on the fly utilizing our screen sharing technology. This allows us to assist your workforce and help keep everyone productive. The EDS Agent also allows us to create system health reports that we share with you and can use these reports to better assist you.

In the event of a breach remote management allows EDS to respond in live time 24/7 giving your business an advantage against the incident. In some cases, EDS has been able to detect a threat in live time and eradicate the issue within 12 hours on the same day of the alert. In many cases an intruder can go undetected for over 90 to 120 days and at this time there is no telling what kind of damage has been done. With our complete package EDS has an ability to detect threats in live time.

Computer issue fatigue can really get your production down in any business, EDS is you on-call IT team to solve these problems and keep productivity moving in a positive direction!


We have worked to have relationships with vendor partners who specialize in different methods of vulnerability detection and management so that we can offer enterprise tools and solutions to mom-and-pop shops including home offices to medium size companies.

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